azure ILB, sharepoint, sql always on

Create sharepoint farm with alwayson SQL in azure using ILB

Hi All,

This is my first post, I have tested to join existing SharePoint with SQL in alwayson using ILB in azure.

As I struggle a lot in setting up this, I would like to post the same to save your efforts:-

Here is the scenario:-

I have azure subscription, I have set AD, one SQL server SQL01(2012R2 ), and installed SharePoint (2010 sp1)server .

Now requirement comes to create SQL always ON and also increase SharePoint instance.

Below steps will be useful:-

First create a VM sql02 then install SQL 2012 R2 ,

Install failover cluster in sql01 server, and in sql02

Create a shared folder in DC01 (for witness server) and shared folder in sql01 servers to replicate the database.(with everyone full access for testing purpose only )

Join sql01 and sql02 in cluster with witness disk.

Change the IP of cluster to static other than used by server.

Take full database backup before proceeding , as this will be require.

Once cluster is setup, now create always ON by just check always on in sql configuration wizard on both sql server.

Crate availability group in avgrp wizard in sql and create sql listener. (With name sqllistener)

Check in DNS all the record created, and create sqllisetner with static IP.

Check now cluster also contains this resource.

Now create ILB with this resource and same IP with port 1433

Check sqllistener in sql and port should be 1433.

Now use cliconfig.exe in SharePoint and use sqllistener as alias and server name.

Restart SharePoint services.

Failover and test.